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Mrs Harris, Mrs Rees and Mrs Winkett would like to welcome you to our Year 2 class page.


We are now entering the summer term and have two new exciting topics for you.


The first is called 'Scented Garden' and we will be planting seeds and finding out what flowers need to grow. We will be making healthy fruit and veg snacks and also be learning about a contrasting locality to our own, Australia!


The second is called 'Beachcombers' and we will be learning about the seaside in the olden days, finding out about what lives at the beach and what we do when we go there. We will also be making some beach art!


I'm still putting work for you to complete each week on Purple Mash and My Maths. As always you can contact me on:



Our Year 2 topics  are:

  • Street Detectives
  • Beat Band Boogie
  • Wriggle and Crawl
  • Land Ahoy!
  • Scented Garden
  • Beachcombers


Please help your child read and spell the common exception words in these lists. Thank you.

Since we are encouraging pupils to use the internet more than ever for home learning we must, as adults, try to ensure they remain safe online. We encourage you to monitor their internet use regularly and carefully. If you would like any more information about this then visit the Parent Tab on our homepage.

Here are some ideas to help with your learning at home:

  • Read daily for 20 mins. Visit Oxford Owls which you have a log in for and explore the books and answer the questions.
  • Practice reading and spelling common exception words (lists above).
  • Write a story or information text.
  • Practice known handwriting joins.
  • Practice the 2, 3, 5 and 10 times tables. This can be done using Rockstars Times tables which you all have a login for)
  • Visit the My Maths website to complete the weekly tasks.
  • Practice your number bonds to 10 (1+9, 2+8) and 20 (1+19, 2+18)
  • Practice using a tens and ones grid to add and subtract two 2 digit numbers.
  • Visit the Purple Mash website and complete the tasks set.
  • Sing songs
  • Learn a poem
  • Play a board game
  • Stay active, go for a daily walk, run around, kick or throw a ball around, do some keep fit.
  • Bake a cake
  • Practice mindfulness by doing some colouring, yoga or listening to music.




World Book Day is on Thursday 4th March. Below is some information about it.

This link gives you the most up to date guidence.

In the second half of the Autumn term our topic was Beat Band Boogie. We  learned about different sounds, made our own musical instruments out of junk and learned about different composers throughout history.
In the first half of the Autumn term we had fun being Street Detectives and we learned about the local area. We  identified materials, read and drew maps and painted our houses and features of the local area.

Useful Websites to look at:

  • Top Marks Maths
  • (your child has their own log in details)
  • Times Tables Rockstars (your child has their own log in details)
  • https://www.bbcbitesize

Year 2 Home Learning January 2021

Year 2 Home Learning Week 8 - 29/2/21

Year 2 Home Learning Week 7 - 22/2/21

Year 2 Home Learning Week 6 - 8/2/21

Y2 Home Learning Week 5 - 1/2/2021

Some lovely work this week from Amaya, Eva and Yunus.

Year 2 Home Learning Week 4 - 25/1/2021

Some great art work from Eva this week.

Year 2 Home Learning Week 3 - 18/1/2021

Y2 Home Learning: Week 2 - 11/1/2021

Here are some fun P.E activities to help you improve your skills.

What activity shall we do today?

Y2 Home Learning:   Week 1:    -  4/1/2021



  • Read for 20 minutes every day. Don't forget to write it in your home reading record to earn days towards your next certificate.
  • Read some books or information about minibeasts.
  • Log on to Oxford Owls, with your own log in, and read the books and answer the questions.



  • Make a list of all the mini beasts that you can think of. Eg. ant, spider, butterfly etc. How many can you think of? Ask your family to add to the list.
  • Put your list of mini beasts in alphabetical order.
  • Make a list of equipment that you would take with you on a bug hunt. Eg. magnifying glass, pot etc.
  • Put your list of equipment in alphabetical order and say what you would use them for. Eg soft paintbrush for gently sweeping mini beasts into a pot.
  • Make a list of Do's and Don'ts for a successful mini beast hunt.



  • Log on to Times Tables Rockstars everyday and play at least two 3 minute games.
  • Log onto My Maths and complete the set tasks.
  • Practise sharing out items equally into groups.



  • Go on a mini beast hunt and record which mini beasts you find.


  • Draw a map of where you went on your mini beast hunt plotting where you found some mini beasts.


  • Sketch some different mini beasts using pictures to help you. Concentrate on shading light and dark.


  • Listen to some music and move to it as if you are a mini beast.
  • Make up a mini beast song.
  • Sing some well known songs for fun.


  • Think about how you are the same and how you are different to other people. Does it matter that you are different. What is good about being different? Talk about this with someone in your family.