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Mrs Harris, Mrs Rees and Mrs Meddings welcome you to our Y2 page.




Here are some ideas to help with your learning at home:

  • Read daily
  • Practice reading and spelling common exception words.
  • Practice known handwriting joins.
  • Practice the 2, 3, 5 and 10 times tables.
  • Practice using a tens and ones grid to add and subtract two 2 digit numbers.
  • Sing songs
  • Learn a poem
  • Play a board game
  • Write a story


Useful Websites to look at:

  • Top Marks Maths
  • (your child has their own log in details)
  • Times Tables Rockstars (your child has their own log in details)
  • https://www.bbcbitesize



Below are some activities for you to complete at home.




New Weekly Activities



  • Write a recount of your day. This could be used in history one day to show what happened during this period.
  • Write a character description of a member of your family. What do they look like? How do they behave?
  • Write a story involving a member of your family. Do they have to defeat a monster? or find something that they have lost?
  • Write a set of family rules.
  • Write a letter/email/text to a family member they have not seen this week.



  • Read a book  and discuss characters and setting.
  • Read a book and discuss what you enjoyed most about the book.
  • Read some newspapers or magazines and look for new vocabulary.



  • Practice counting in 2, 5, 3 and 10.
  • Add two 2 digit numbers using a tens and ones board.
  • Subtract two 2 digit numbers using a tens and ones board.
  • Play 'Hit the button' and focus on number bonds, doubles and halves.



  • Practice reading and spelling the common exception words - after,again, any, bath, beautiful and because .
  • Write the above common exception words in sentences to help clarify their meaning.



  • Draw or paint a picture of a family member.
  • Learn a new song and sing it to your family.
  • Do some daily exercise, dance or yoga.
  • Do a jigsaw or play a board game.

Our mini-beast hunt!

Our mini-beast hunt! 1
Our mini-beast hunt! 2
Our mini-beast hunt! 3
Our mini-beast hunt! 4