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Woodcock Hill Primary School

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Admissions Statement

Woodcock Hill Primary School currently has one class per year group (Years Reception to 6). Our School has a current Pupil capacity of 210. We are an inclusive school that seeks to provide a broad and balanced curriculum to all children.


Woodcock Hill Primary School abide by the regulations outlined on the Birmingham City Council website and a link for this can be found at: 


Information on how to apply for a Primary School place in Birmingham can be accessed at:


If you need any further guidance please access the documents below or contact our School Office who may be able to help you further.

Timetable for Primary School Admissions Process.


01 October 2021      Application period starts

14 January 2022      Closing date for applications

19 April 2022           National offer day

18 May 2022           Deadline for submitting appeals

20 July 2022            Appeals hearings for appeals submitted on time

                                   You will receive at least 10 school days notice of your hearing date

                                         Wherever possible, a decision letter will be set to you within 5 school days 

31 July 2022            Round closes (applications need to be made using our in-year application process)


05 September 2022    School term starts