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Since we are encouraging pupils to use the internet more than ever for home learning we must, as adults, try to ensure they remain safe online. We encourage you to monitor their internet use regularly and carefully. If you would like any more information about this then visit the Parent Tab on our homepage. 

New Weekly Activities.

Keep practising your Maths, reading, phonics and writing. Choose from the activities below.

Here are some new learning opportunities to try:

  • Draw or paint an Easter egg. Think about the patterns you could make.
  • Talk about how and why people celebrate Easter. You could look at the videos on CBeebies/Letscelebrate and find out how Toby and his family celebrate Easter.
  • Make an Easter card for your family.
  • Find out which animals lay eggs. Make a list to show how many you can think of.
  • You have 10 Easter eggs. Make a part-whole to show how many ways you can make 10.
  • Learn a song. Try Outoftheark@home or the singing walrus for ideas.


Maths Tasks. Try to do 1 each day.

  • Watch a Numberblocks clip at BBC or CBeebies.
  • practice counting to 20. Forwards and backwards. Starting at different places, eg, 3,4,5 or 13,12,11.
  • practice writing numbers 0-10
  • sing a number song, eg, 5 Currant Buns, Ten Green Bottles
  • count your toys
  • go on a shape hunt around your home. can you find triangles, circles, squares or rectangles?
  • join in with a Read Write Inc session on youTube
  • Set 1 sounds 9.30am or 12.30am
  • Set 2 sounds 10.00am 0r 1.00pm
  • complete an activity on phonicsplay
  • watch Mr Thorne does phonics on Youtube
  • practice your sounds use them to blend words. Write them on your whiteboards.


Reading Tasks. Try to do 1 each day.

  • read books at home. Read your class library books
  • Try to find the tricky words you can read in books or magazines you may have.
  • complete an activity on Oxford Owl.listen to story on CBeebies


Writing Tasks. Try to do 1 each day.

  • practice writing your name. Can you write your first name? middle name(s)? surname?
  • practice writing the letters of the alphabet.(see below)
  • write tricky words. Can you write them in a sentence?(see below)


Other Learning Opportunities:

  • make some playdough. make an animal. Playdough recipe: 2 cups flour, one cup of salt, a table spoon of vegetable oil, a couple of drops of food colouring(optional),a tsp of cream of tartar(optional but it will last longer)
  • find out which animals live in cold places or hot places.
  • draw a picture of an animal that lives in a hot or cold place.
  • watch the animals being fed at the zoo

Reception Home Learning Ideas:


Please encourage your child to:

  • practice writing your name, making sure that your letters are correctly formed and facing the right way
  • Read or share your class library book and reading book each day and any other books you may have at home
  • practice reading and writing tricky words (see below)
  • practice your counting, count objects around the house, count your toys
  • practice writing numbers
  • Choose an activity to complete from the Spring homework grid(see below)
  • complete the activities from your Home Learning Pack.( You can find these as a pdf file below)


Useful Websites to help with your learning:


Read Write Inc: Take part in a phonics lesson. These will be on their Facebook and YouTube channels and will be streamed live at the following times:

set 1 sounds at 9.30am and then again at 12.30pm

set 2 sounds at 10.00am and then again at 1.00pm


Please note these films will be streamed live and won't be available at other times.


Other usefeul online learning includes:

monsterphonics are offering free access

phonics play log on using these details for free access




Youtube channels:



Cbeebies bedtime stories

Check out Joe Wicks's channel The Body Coach Tv for a free PE lesson each week day morning at 9.30am




Reception Spring Homework.

Mrs Shannon, Mrs Evans and Miss Croft welcome you to our Reception page.


We have been very busy in Reception this half term.

We have been finding out about Winter. We read the story of The Snowman, we painted snowmen and talked about signs of Winter.

We found out all about penguins who have to live through very bad winters.

We kept our fingers crossed for real snow so we could build a snowman..........we are still waiting!

We found out about Chinese New Year.

We made Chinese dragons, had a Chinese restaurant in our role play area, we looked at and made our own Willow pattern plates and we found out how people celebrate Chinese New Year across the world.

We also found out about an animal that lives in China. Do you know which animal it it?


Next half term we will be learning about Animals and finding out about Easter!

Do you like our lucky Chinese Dragons?

Do you like our lucky Chinese Dragons? 1
Do you like our lucky Chinese Dragons? 2
Do you like our lucky Chinese Dragons? 3
Do you like our lucky Chinese Dragons? 4
Do you like our lucky Chinese Dragons? 5
Ask someone in Reception about why we have used the colour red for our dragons and paintings!