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Is your child an 'Attendance Hero'? 

Here Everyday Ready On time




Last week's highest class attendance

(Week beginning 2nd March 2020):


 GOLD:  Y5 ~ 97.1% 

 SILVER: Y6 ~ 95.7% 

 BRONZE: Y3~ 94.5% 




Last term 120 pupils had attendance at 96% and above - that's 57% reaching the national average but 43% who were still below!

Come on Woodcock Hill! Let's do even better this term...You could win a bike!


Be an 'Attendance HERO' and win tickets for this year's... Big Bike Raffle!

At the end of each term, children with attendance at and above 96% will receive a 

'HERO Raffle Ticket'  

Here ~ Everyday ~ Ready ~ On Time


There are three terms, so your child could have three tickets by September.


At the end of the school year, we will be drawing out a winner for each class.


HERO Bike Raffle Tickets

  R Y1 Y2 Y3 Y4 Y5 Y6
Autumn Term - 120 pupils 11 18 17 20 13 20 21
Spring Term              
Summer Term              





Every day in school is important...Attend today to achieve tomorrow. 


We are still rewarding 100% attendance.

We also thank our parents who ensure their child (or children) are always an 'Attendance HERO'.

Here, Everyday, Ready, On-time.




Attendance and Punctuality Awards


Year 1 achieved the highest class attendance for half term one! Their 96.4% is just above the national expectation of 96% and above. smiley 


Year 6 achieved the highest class attendance for half term two. Their 96.7% is just 0.3% higher than Year 1's half term 1 achievement! wink 


Attendance Information for Parents


It is really important for children to attend school  in order to achieve their full potential.


The Department for Education have revised their minimum attendance target for all pupils in school to 96%. Our school is committed to meeting this target. Please see the latest letter from Birmingham City Council letter (below) for information.


To see our Attendance Policy please click the link below





Have you ever thought about how being "just a few minutes late" each day affects your child's education?



IMPORTANT Birmingham City Council Attendance Letter and Guidance