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Is your child an 'Attendance Hero'? 

Here Everyday Ready On time



Will your class be first to get 100% and no late marks?


Is your child an 'Attendance HERO'?

Here, Everyday, Ready, On-time.


If the answer is, "Yes!", then they will be entered into a weekly class 'Attendance HERO raffle', to win a small prize for their excellent attendance and punctuality!


        All children now have their own Attendance Hero record card,              so they can see how successful they are!     





Please see our links below from Birmingham City Council about your child's attendance in school.

Attendance Information for Parents


It is really important for children to attend school  in order to achieve their full potential.


The Department for Education have revised their minimum attendance target for all pupils in school to 96%. Our school is committed to meeting this target. Please see the latest letter from Birmingham City Council letter (below) for information.


To see our Attendance Policy please click the link below



IMPORTANT Birmingham City Council Attendance Letter and Guidance



Have you ever thought about how being "just a few minutes late" each day affects your child's education?