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Year 5

Mrs Keating, Miss Falaschi and Miss Tildesley would like to welcome you to Year Five.

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The Topics we will be covering this year are...

  • Autumn 1-  Alchemy Island - Studying map work and fantasy narratives.
  • Autumn 2-Pharaohs - Travelling back in time to look at the lives of the Ancient Egyptians.
  • Spring 1- Beast Creator - Looking at the creatures around us and building our own bug hotel.
  • Spring 2- . Allotments -  A study of plants and growing our own food.
  • Summer 1-  Scream Machine - Designing and building our own fairground rides and learning all about forces.
  • Summer 2- Time Traveller -  Studying animals, the use of natural resources and how we can improve the world around us.


Autumn 1 - Alchemy Island


This term we will be looking at:

* Map work - understanding how to use co-ordinates to follow a specific route.

* Materials - different properties and how they change, understanding chemical and physical changes.

* Volcanoes - how they are formed and what causes them.

* Fantasy narratives, non-chronological reports, soliloquies.

* The local area - researching and understanding the history of Weoley Castle.

* The work of Chelsely Bonestell and fantasy art.

Autumn 2 - Pharaohs

This term we will be looking at:

* Egypt - focus on the Nile and the physical features of the country

* The solar system - the planets and how they move

* Ancient Egypt - how the ancient Egyptians lived and their social hierarchy

* Mystery narratives, diary entries, newspaper reports

* Egyptian art - in the past and present

Spring 1 - Beast Creator

This term we will be looking at:

* The local area - the history of Birmingham

* Life cycles  - looking at both animal and plant life cycles and processes

* Mountains -  where they are in the UK and across the world and how they are formed

* Non-chronological reports, explanation texts, limericks, comic strips

* Bug hotels - designing and building houses for insects using a selection of materials

Spring 2 - Allotments

This term we will be looking at:

* The Victorians - focus on Victorian childhood

* Plants - Plant lifecycle, how seeds are formed and dispersed

* Instructions, reports and historical fiction

* Settlements - understanding how and why settlements develop

* Victorian gardens - designing and creating a garden based on historical gardens

Summer 1 - Scream Machine

This term we will be looking at:

* Forces - looking at different forces and how they affect us and the world around us.

* Continents - the formation of the continents and differences and similarities of the flora and fauna

* Adventure stories, advertisements and haikus

* The Victorians - Queen Victoria and the impact of the rule

* Rollercoasters - designing and building our own rollercoasters and carriages

Summer 2 - Time Traveller

This term we will be looking at:

* The environment - recycling, reusing, energy and land use

* Lifecycles - animals including humans

* The monarchy - studying a selection of monarchs throughout British history

Explanation texts, playscripts, biographies and autobiographies and science fiction 

* The work of Salvador Dali and surrealism