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Year 5

Mrs Summerfield and Mrs Cullen would like to welcome you to Year Five.

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 Welcome to the new academic year! We are really excited about what's in store.

Year 5 have topics that range from the smallest insects to the tallest plant! 

Keep checking this page for updates


The Topics we will be covering this year are...

  • Autumn 1-  Alchemy Island - Studying map work and fantasy narratives.
  • Autumn 2- Beast Creator - Looking at the creatures around us and building our own bug hotel.
  • Spring 1- Pharaohs - Travelling back in time to look at the lives of the Ancient Egyptians
  • Spring 2- . Allotments -  A study of plants and growing our own food.
  • Summer 1-  Scream Machine - Designing and building our own fairground rides and learning all about forces.
  • Summer 2- Time Traveller -  Studying animals, the use of natural resources and how we can improve the world around us.


Once again, if you would like any more information about how to support you child in any of these topics then just email:


It is always a pleasure to see your child's home learning so just take a picture and email it so we can share it in class!

Year 5 making their bug hotels as part of their Beast Creator topic.

We are constantly updating this page with new activities and ideas for home learning so please keep checking in!  



Since we are encouraging pupils to use the internet more than ever for home learning we must, as adults, try to ensure they remain safe online. We encourage you to monitor their internet use regularly and carefully. If you would like any more information about this then visit the Parent Tab on our homepage.


Useful Websites for Home Activities:

Primary Stars Education

Hamilton Trust



BBC Bite Size KS2









These Are Home Projects That You May Find Interesting:

Home Learning Project - Viewpoints

Home Learning Project - The Area Where You Live

Home Learning Project - Animals

Home Learning Project - Food

Home Learning Project - Celebrations

Archived Year Five Pictures