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Year 6

Welcome to our Year 6 page!


Year 6 is going to be a thrilling, hard-working and challenging year for our pupils.


In Year 6 we will learn through six different topics, following Cornerstones Education: Darwin's Delights, Frozen Kingdom, A Child's War, Blood Heart, Hola Mexico! and Tomorrow's World.


Working in Year 6 is Miss Saunders and Miss Silvester. Together we hope to create a fantastic, positive and stimulating learning environment, where our pupils can thrive and truly enjoy learning.


Welcome to the Summer Term!

This term's topics are: Rebuilding Britain and Hola Mexico!


Rebuilding Britain

It's 1945, World War Two is over! VE Day has been celebrated- now what? Britain has very limited money, a lack of male workforce and a country that needs rebuilding! Where to start? Let's investigate how the Government planned to rebuild a brighter and better Britain. The NHS, nationalisation and the Windrush Generation all played their part. There was also the small matter of rehoming thousands of British citizens after their home were destroyed. Take the role of a town planner and create your own settlement- fit for a modern Britain! 


Hola Mexico!

Welcome to Mexico! Get ready to explore this unique country, from its towering temples and stunning geography to its pulsing rhythms and fun-packed festivals. Tummy rumbling? Concoct a traditional Mexican hot chocolate. What’s on your shopping list? Go steady with the spices! Discover the mysterious world of the ancient Maya civilisation and learn about their amazing achievements. How have they changed your life? Let's find out...



Worried or stressed? Here are some useful links from Childline: 

Advice for Parents and Carers-

Activities to help keep calm-

Support for Parents and Carers with SEND children-

Support for Children who have worries-


Remember to use the internet safely and responsibly. If you see something that upsets you report it to an adult!

Childline's Top Tips for Using the Internet Safely-

Our Class Pictures

Home Learning Pictures


Useful Home Learning Links: 


Home Learning Activities

Here are a range of activities that you can use to help your learning at home: 

  • Read. Read. Then Read some more! Books, magazines, online articles- anything that interests you!
  • Practise Arithmetic skills including times tables. 
  • Practise your spellings (see link below)
  • Try some creative writing- it could be narratives, poems, songs or plays
  • Choose some appropriate activities from your Homework Grid
  • Create some inspirational art work about something you have learnt about.
  • Design some Revision Guides about the topics you have learnt this year. 
  • Use Maths in every day contexts e.g. when cooking
  • Keep yourselves active- can you design your own workouts?
  • Teach a member of your family something you have learnt!


Useful Websites:

There are lots of activities included on these websites for you to have a look at: 







Across the Curriculum


Enjoy the Outdoors

Hello Year 6s, 

Welcome to 2021 and another lockdown! We are really upset that we cannot be with you in school at the moment but we must do all we can to keep each other safe. Hopefully we will be back together soon and able to enjoy the rest of the year together. 


Please try to do as much work as you can at home. We will be uploading activities to Purple Mash and MyMaths for you to complete- make sure you fill in the comment section when submit! You also have log ins to use Spelling Shed for spelling work, Oxford Reading Buddy for reading work, Times Tables Rockstars for practising times tables and Language Angels for French. 


We've added some documents below including a weekly timetable, your new homework grid and this half term's spellings for you to keep practising. 


There is also lists of useful websites and activities for you to use further down the page. 


If you need anything at all during this lockdown, please email us at 


We will write to you each Monday on here and upload some new activities. 


Please look after yourselves and your families, be kind to each other and most importantly stay safe.



Miss Saunders, Miss Silvester and Mrs Meddings x

Hi Year 6s,

Welcome to Week 2 of Lockdown 3! We hope that you and your families are keeping healthy and staying safe. We continue to miss you and hope that it will not be too long until we are back in the classroom together! 


You may have seen in the news this week that your SATs have been cancelled for this year! I'm sure you are all very pleased about this, however we were a little bit disappointed when we heard as we know you would have done absolutely amazing in them and all of your hard work would have paid off! Please keep working as hard as you have been doing- everything you do will continue to help with your future studies, especially as you move to Secondary school next year. We want you to achieve all that you can and we have very high expectations for you all! 


Thank you to all of you who are working hard at home. We've loved receiving your emails showing us your work and replying to your comments on Purple Mash, so keep them coming please! We have also added comments to your work on MyMaths! From this week, we've also opened up the 2Email section of Purple Mash, in your tools if you select 2Email you can now send an email to Miss Saunders directly from Purple Mash- she looks forward to hearing from you! 

You can still continue to email our class email: if there is anything we can help you with or if you would just like to chat with us! 


This week's learning is attached below. Also, make sure you check out the list of websites further down the page as there are lots of good activities out there to stop you from getting bored!


As always, make sure you keep reading! It is one of the best ways to help you learn and it is a good way to escape reality at the moment! We've added a document below with some links to websites where you can access more stories for free! Remember to record any reads you do in your Record book so you can earn your certificates once we're back in school! 


Stay safe Year 6, 

Love Miss S, Miss S and Mrs M x


P.S. A quick reminder, if you need a break from laptops/tablets, the CBBC channel on your TV are starting Home Learning from today: 

From 9am CBBC will broadcast three hours of primary school programmes every weekday. They will include BBC Bitesize Daily, as well as other much-loved shows with an educational twist, such as Our School, Celebrity Supply Teacher, Horrible Histories and more. 


Hello Year 6s! 

Week 3 of lockdown begins! We hope you and your families are keeping happy and healthy. It was great to speak to some of you on the phone last week- we miss seeing you every day! We will be ringing again next week so don't worry if we missed you! 


Please keep getting in touch with us if you need help with any of your work, you can either use Purple Mash (we still love getting comments!) or our class email: 

We're also here if you just want to write and say hello! laugh

We've loved getting pictures of some of your work so please keep sending those as well- we've posted some under this message for you to see! 


This week's activities are below along with the BBC learning timetable for this week. 


Remember to keep checking the list of websites further down the page as we keep adding to it! This week, we've added a link to a virtual library where you can read The Story of Tracy Beaker for free! Each week there will be a new book uploaded for you to read! 


Look after yourselves Year 6, stay safe and be kind, hopefully we will be back together again soon, 

Miss S, Miss S and Mrs M x

Hello Year 6s, 

Week 4- here we come! We hope you are all staying safe, warm and well. Did you see the snow?! It looked very beautiful outside, hopefully you were able to enjoy playing safely in it! 


Some exciting news from school last week- our classroom has been decorated! We have been working hard while the building is empty and can't wait for you to see it when we are all allowed back together! 


This week's learning is below. Please keep using Purple Mash (don't forget the comments!) and also MyMaths- we would love to see more of you using the activities to help with your learning at home. If there is anything we can do to help, please remember you can email us at: (even if it's just to say Hi!) 


We've also uploaded some competitions this week- one creative one from Birmingham Trees for Life who we were supposed to be tree planting with and one from Mr. Hines about the Commonwealth Games and keeping fit! 


As usual, we've also put the BBC Lockdown Learning timetable below if you need anything extra. 


We will be phoning you again this week to see if you need anything so we look forward to speaking to as many of you as possible! 


Keep safe and be kind, 

Miss S and Miss S

Hello Year 6s, 

Welcome to February! We hope you are all still safe and well. It was great to be able to speak to some of you again this week. If we missed you we will be trying again next week! 


Remember if you need to speak to us we are still here. You can email , call school and leave a message so we can get back to you or you can even email us through Purple Mash! It's great to see so many of you using Purple Mash to complete your work- don't forget our other platforms too, especially MyMaths! 


This week's learning is attached below for this week. Please try and send us any photographs of your work- we love seeing them! 


Don't forget about the two competitions below as well! We would love to submit as many entries as possible! 


Have a great week and look after yourselves, 

Miss S and Miss S x

Hi Year 6! 

How are you all? We hope you are all staying safe and well. We can't believe this is the last week of this half term! Congratulations for working so hard at home over the past 6 weeks- we are very proud of all you! We hope you've been helping out at home as much as you can as well! 


It was great to see so many of you in our class zoom meeting this week! We are busy planning another one for after half term so we will be in touch with some more details after the holiday! 


This week we will be phoning you all again so we are looking forward to speaking to you. 


This week's learning is attached below. Remember if you need any help, please email us: is our class email. You can also email us via Purple Mash. We love seeing your comments on your work and the amazing photographs you're sending of your work so please keep that up! 


Hopefully, it will not be too long now until we are able to be back in the classroom together- we can't wait! 


Look after yourselves, 

Miss S and Miss S x


P.S. The competitions below are still live so please keep sending in any entries :) 

Hello Year 6s, 

Happy half term! Thank you for all your hard work over the past 6 weeks, we know it must have been difficult for you and we have missed seeing you all. We are crossing our fingers that it will not be too long until we can see you all again! 


No work to do this week! Please make sure you spend sometime relaxing and doing things that make you happy. 


We'll leave the competitions under this message in case you get bored! We've also added an Action for Happiness Calendar with some suggestions of different activities you might want to try :) 


Enjoy your week off! 

Stay safe and be kind, 

Miss S and Miss S x

Hello Year 6s, 

Welcome to Spring term 2! We hope you had a relaxing half term, even if we were not able to do all of the things we wanted to! It is important that you had chance to have a break and give yourselves a rest from working! 


This half term, we are continuing with our two topics: A Child's War and Blood Heart. If we were in school during a normal year, we would also be doing lots of revising ready for your SATs tests! Not this year though! We hope that it won't be too long until we are back in the classroom with you all! 


This week we have another zoom call planned, so ask people at home to keep checking their emails for the invitation- we hope to see as many of you as possible! 


This week's learning is attached below, along with the homework grid for this half term in case you need any extra activities! 

Please keep emailing us pictures of your work, we love seeing it! And don't forget to use all our online programmes to keep practising different skills. 


Keep looking after yourselves and remember to contact us ( if you need us :) 


Stay safe, 

Miss S and Miss S x


P.S. The competitions are still live below in case anyone else would like to enter- there are prizes for you and for school if you win :) 

Hello Year 6s, 

Welcome to hopefully your last week of home learning this year (fingers crossed)! We cannot wait to be back in the classroom with you next week, learning and laughing together again. 


This week you should find out which secondary school you are going to. Please don't be worried or afraid about it. Whatever school you attend, if you work hard and listen to the adults you will find success and have a great time while you are there. We will be doing lots of work preparing you for you new school in the coming months and hope that when the time comes, you will be excited about moving forwards (please remember to come back and visit us though!) If you have any worries or concerns now, please email us at so that we can help you straight away. We'd also love it if you sent us a quick email telling us where you will be going- we're very nosy like that! 


This week's learning is attached below including some exciting activities to celebrate World Book Day, which is on Thursday! 


We will also be making our regular phone calls this week so look forward to speaking to as many of you as possible :) 


Have a great last week at home, we will be busy counting down the hours until you return to school! 

Stay safe and (finally) see you soon! 

Miss S and Miss S x

World Book Day Resources