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Useful Information

Public health information - measles

SEN parent workshops: If your child has a newly diagnosed need, these parent workshops can offer advice and support for parents.

Online safety information for parents.

Here you will find information on parental controls for online games and social media sites and how to help keep your children safe from the dangers of being online. You will also see the age restrictions for these sites. 

Social media - parental information

Follow the link to find advice for parents about social media platforms and apps, including the age restrictions for the sites.

Year 6 Transition - CAT

CAT courses for parents 

Local Family Activities

Parent webinars

Starting School

School Nurse Virtual clinic

National Sleep Helpline

Sleep guide for parents

BeeZee Bodies

Family support of health, nutrition and well-being.

Healthy Start Voucher Scheme

Talking Space

Child Protection and Safeguarding

We take every precaution we can to ensure that our school is as safe and welcoming as possible.

We have the following personnel trained in Safeguarding


Designated Senior Lead (DSL) - Mrs. S Nash (Assistant Head Teacher / SENCO)

Deputy DSL - Mr. D Higgins (Head Teacher)

Deputy DSL - Miss. H. Saunders (Assistant Head Teacher / Year 6)

Deputy DSL - Mrs. G. Kennedy (Pastoral Manager)

Woodcock Hill is an Operation Encompass school. Operation Encompass has been established to help schools provide in-school support to children who have been present at, exposed to or involved in any domestic abuse incident.


Special Educational Needs (SEN)

At Woodcock Hill we employ many strategies to support our pupils and families with a wide range of physical, emotional and mental Special Educational Needs. We are committed to keeping pupils in mainstream education wherever possible and our processes ensure we assess and monitor abilities regularly and set realistic, achievable goals for all concerned



Every child who has a place in school must attend as much as they are able to. Our target is to have an attendance of above 96.0%. We employ strategies to help support parents/guardians and children to improve attendance.



Each Junior class has homework set weekly



We try to ensure that parents/guardians are aware of how to keep their children safe whilst online. If you need any advice about this please ask at the School Office.

Operation Encompass Poster

Online Support Information

Severe Weather Action Plan

In the event of any severe weather please be advised that school will REMAIN OPEN AS USUAL. If this changes you will be notified by Groupcall (Text message),  local radio announcements or on this website.


Thank you for your co-operation.

Support for Parents and Carers 


Family Connect

Some families need support from more than one professional. 

To get support for a child, young people or a family, please complete the Family Connect form below

Family Connect Form - Self Identification


Help in a short-term crisis

Birmingham's Local Welfare Provision (LWP) scheme helps vulnerable people in short-term crisis with food and essential items. It is grant-based, which means people who receive help from it will not have to repay anything. It is not intended to replace the councils statutory duties.

The scheme is funded on an annual basis and once the fund has been exhausted for that financial year, there will be no further awards.

The scheme is purely discretionary and people have no statutory right to an award.

For more details on how the scheme is operated, look at the Local Welfare Provision policy.

The Council's Benefit Service administers the Local Welfare Provision payments that enable the Council to provide financial support for vulnerable people in the city who find themselves in financial crisis.

There are 2 types of payment made from this provision:

  • Crisis payments are made to citizens to meet their needs for subsistence in terms of essential food and/or clothing.
  • Community Support Grants are paid to citizens to meet their immediate needs for essential furniture or white goods to sustain their housing needs and to gain greater independence within the community.

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