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Year 3

Welcome to Year Three with Mrs Beranová and

Miss Croft

We aim high and reach for the stars!


Autumn Term

Autumn One's topic is called 'Gods and Mortals' 


We  will learn about Zeus and the other gods and goddesses who reign from Mount Olympus.  Greece is a fascinating country that has a long and colourful history.  Why not sample some delicious Greek food such as baklava or tzatziki.  You could also research ancient Greek pots and sketch the intricate images painted on them.  Alternatively, have fun taking part in back garden Olympics, seeing who can run the fastest or throw a ball the furthest!


Autumn Two's topic is called 'Mighty Metals'


Explore the scientific world of forces and magnetism, metals and materials.  Expand your mind as you test and trial, build and move.  Which force is at play  as you slide down a slide or swing on a swing?  Can you explain why magnets repel and attract?  Meet Hogarth the Iron Man's companion.  The Iron Man wants a friend can you make him one?  If you were a metal what would you be?  Gold, a shimmering, precious and costly mineral?  Or steel, that strong and useful alloy?  Maybe you're iron, malleable and easy to shape, but ready to rust.  Maybe you're not a metal at all, but a force to be reckoned with.

Spring Term

Spring One's topic is called 'Tribal Tales'


Take a moment to step outside and stand quietly and still.  Turn off all your technology and try to forget the modern world.   Imagine this place 5,000 years ago.  What would you have seen?  Head back to the pre-historic times to gather berries and hunt down dinner.  Unearth ancient objects and visit astonishing mystical monuments that reveal the secrets of ancient times.  What tribal tales will you have to tell?

Spring Term Two's topic is called 'Predators'


It's time to take a walk on the wild side.  Find out who's coming to visit.  Is it a bug-munching lizard or an eagle-eyed bird of prey?  Whatever it is, do you think you can handle it?  Learn about creepy crocs and amazing alligators, the deadly assassin bug and the voracious Venus Flytrap.  Feeling peckish?  Let's jump aboard the food chain.

Summer Term

Summer One's topic is called 'Scrumdiddlyumptious!'

We are going to enjoy a yummy journey of discovery, sampling fantastic fruits and tantalising treats!  This term,  we will be using our senses to investigate different foods.  Will we like everything we taste?  In arts and design, we will look closely  at fruits and vegetables and sketch what we can see.  We will follow recipes and learn about foods from around the world.  Our science work will focus on food groups and healthy eating.  

Our main text will be Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl 

Summer Two's topic is called 'Flow!'


From humble beginnings, the river flows down the mountain and into the sea.  Pull on your wellies and wade right in.  How deep does it go and how fast does it travel?  What soil types can you find by the river? Which animals make their homes there?  Let's get down to the river bank and find out.  Now hop on a imaginary boat and travel some of the world's most majestic rivers - the Ganges, the Thames, the Amazon and Nile - and keep a journal as you follow their course.  Time to investigate .  As part of the local news team, it's your task to track down the source of some mystery pollution.  Where did it come from and who is to blame?  Let's meander through the world of rivers, taking a dip into their watery world.