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Who's Who

Our Staff Team

Please find a list of all our staff along with their roles


Safeguarding and Child Protection Team

Please note that the following acronyms are used in this section:

DSL = Designated Senior Lead for Child Protection

dDSL = Deputy DSL

SPOC = Single Point of Contact


Mrs. H.J. Kitaratzis - Head Teacher (Lead DSL and SPOC)

Mr. M. Paine - Deputy Head Teacher & SENCO (Acting) (dDSL)

Mr. A. Ackling - Teacher & Key Stage 2 Co-Ordinator (dDSL)

Mr. N. Malin - Strategic School Business Manager (dDSL)


Senior Leadership Team

Mrs. H.J. Kitartazis - Head Teacher

Mr. M. Paine - Deputy Head Teacher & SENDCO (Acting)

Mr. N. Malin - Strategic School Business Manager


Teaching Staff Team

Mrs. W. Shannon

Mrs. S. Beranova

Mrs. G. Harris

Mrs. V. Clarson

Mr. A. Ackling

Mrs. G. Summerfield

Miss. H. Saunders


Classroom Support Staff Team

Mrs. C. Evans

Mrs. K. Winkett (HLTA)

Mrs. S. Meddings (HLTA)

Mrs. B. McHardy

Miss. J. Croft

Mrs. D. Rees (nee Cooper)

Mrs. K. Cullen

Mrs. S. Cole

Mrs. M. Davies

Miss. J. Silvester


Administration Office Staff Team

Mr. N. Malin - Strategic Business Manager

Mrs. G. Attwood - Senior Office Manager

Mrs. G. Kennedy - Office Administrator


Site and Premises Staff Team

Mr. D. Bates - Building Services Manager

Mrs. K. Bates - Cleaner

Mrs.. C Benzie - Cleaner

Mr. D. Grey - Information Technology Technician


Lunchtime Staff Team

Mrs. S. Venables

Mrs. K. Bates

Mrs. C. Benzie

Ms. J. Rawle

Mrs. M. Morris

Ms. S. Ullah

Ms. P. Murray

Mr. D Bates


Before and After School Club Staff Team

Miss. J. Silvester - Breakfast Club & Cooking Club Manager

Mrs. K. Cullen - Breakfast Club Assistant

Miss. J. Croft - Breakfast Club Assistant


Other Staff (not directly employed by our School)

Mrs. W. Lord - Head Cook

Ms. S. Job - Catering Assistant

Ms. L. Barker - Catering Assistant

Mrs. M. Graham - Leadership and Attendance Support
Mr. D. Harwood - Upper KS2 Booster Class Support

Mr. D. Phillips - Peripatetic Music Teacher

Mr. D. Hines - Sports Coach

Mr. M. Kirk - Information Technology Support